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Teddy Bridgewater and Arizona Cardinals make sense for one another

The Cardinals need a veteran answer at quarterback, Bridgewater wants a shot to start, it could be a match that makes sense.

Minnesota Vikings v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There has been much speculation, much talk and discussion about the Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation.

Maybe even more, there has been much written about the Cardinals and what they may do at the position on this site, maybe even daily.

That’s not going to change for the next couple of months as we cover the quarterbacks that are signed, drafted and moreover, the ones that were passed on.

The reason, it’s the most important position in the NFL and maybe the most important in all of sports.

It’s also a situation that is ever evolving as more information comes about.

For instance, on Saturday Calvin Watkins of Newsday reported on Minnesota Vikings quarterback and soon to be free agent Teddy Bridgewater and it could be exactly what the Arizona Cardinals are looking for.

Bridgewater would give the Cardinals an answer for a year or two while they also would both mutually benefit from a short term, prove it deal.

It wouldn’t necessarily preclude the Cardinals from addressing the quarterback position in the draft, but it also makes it easier to swallow if they do pass on taking one early or at all in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Moreover, it would likely be a cheaper deal for 2018, which would especially benefit the Arizona Cardinals in their pursuit of complete team building.

Bridgewater and the Cardinals seem to have mutual interests in what they’re looking for. A chance and a discount, maybe it’s the perfect fit for each other.