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Sunday Night open thread: 2018 NFL Draft coverage, post draft and what's for dinner?

Talk about, whatever you want for your Sunday Night

Happy Easter, April Fool’s Day and NFL Draft month.

We are four short weeks away from being disappointed in the Arizona Cardinals not taking a quarterback or being disappointed that they took the wrong one.

That’s how it works.

However, there is much, much more to the next four weeks than just mock drafts and scouting reports.

In fact, that’s what today’s open thread is about… What draft coverage do you want to see over the next four weeks?

Do you like scouting reports? Do you want scheme fit pieces on some of the first round guys?

What about post draft? How do you want to see the new players reviewed?

As always, we love to hear your comments on all of this and… well whatever else tickles your fancy tonight.

As for the rest of the open thread, I smoked two hams for the in-laws and we are having a nice Italian meal for dinner.

What about you?

Enjoy your night.