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Sam Darnold is the only quarterback worth trading the farm for according to Daniel Jeremiah

The USC prospect is the only quarterback in the class worth trading the farm for.

NCAA College Football-California Golden Bears vs. USC Trojans
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As the 2018 NFL Draft finally appears over the horizon, the opinions on the quarterbacks in the class continues to vary.

Some believe Josh Allen is the best, others think it is Baker Mayfield, while some see Josh Rosen as the guy.

Well,’s Daniel Jeremiah, in his conference call on the 2018 NFL Draft along with fellow analyst and former scout Bucky Brooks thinks USC’s Sam Darnold is the only one in the group worth trading the farm for:

I would sell the farm for Sam Darnold. I would probably sell the tractor and some yard tools for Rosen, and that would be the difference there.

This on the heels of Jeremiah’s article citing the Arizona Cardinals as the most likely team to trade up, and all of a sudden you are getting a clear picture of what at least one analyst, Jeremiah thinks is the only player worth making that commitment for.

That’s an interesting dynamic there, as trading the farm would likely insinuate going up to one or two if somehow Darnold falls.

The second portion of that comment was a little more interesting to me though, as he named only Josh Rosen as one he would trade something for after Darnold.

This is a scenario that we have seen play out in a couple of mock drafts recently, with Rosen falling into the Miami Dolphins range.

If that were the case, would you trade the tractor (this year and next years first) and some farm tools (likely a second this year or next year) to get Rosen if he made it to the Tampa Bay range?

What about Allen or Mayfield? What is there worth?