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Bruce Arians would take Lamar Jackson at 15 if he was the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals previous head coach would take the Heisman winner at 15 if he had the chance.

TaxSlayer Bowl - Mississippi State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

With Bruce Arians retired, he’s able to do some different things now, including voice his opinion on what he thinks the Arizona Cardinals should do in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Well, he wasn’t shy about who he would take if he was the Cardinals at 15, that is one Lamar Jackson:

“That’s one guy I really am intrigued with because he can spin it and he’s been in a pro-style offense and he’s been hard coached by Bobby (Petrino),” he said. “He brings that unique skill set and it makes me look back at Vince Young. Vince could beat you and he was a heck of a leader. I don’t know why it didn’t work out for him but listening to him now, telling his story, he’s like, ‘I didn’t put the time in.’

That’s not surprising if you’ve paid attention to Jackson.

Bobby Petrino’s offense is a West coast based offensive system, it requires a knowledge and understanding of calls pre snap and reads post snap:

“Because he does it. He sits in there and flips it up the field,” Arians said. “He’s been in a pro-style offense. He’s more of a scrambler with designed runs. I don’t think I’d design runs for him. I would just let him, a la Russell Wilson, take what’s there, and whoosh, take off running.”

Lamar Jackson has been, in my mind, the top quarterback prospect in this class from the beginning of the season and it’s because of Jackson’s ability to thrive in a pro style offense, someone who can move the ball up and down the field and who is at his best when it matters:

We’ll see what the Cardinals do, but that’s one vote for Lamar Jackson, even if Arians vote doesn’t count anymore.