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2018 NFL Draft lacks pass rushing and offensive tackle depth, could that change how the Arizona Cardinals draft?

The 2018 NFL Draft lacks high end pass rush talent, could that change how the Cardinals draft?

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

With the 2018 NFL Draft a mere 10 days away, the decisions for the most part when it comes to creating the Arizona Cardinals top 125, are done.

The question becomes how does that top 125 fall in 2018?

When you see this draft class a whole, you see it through the lense of the NFL media.

One of the most respected members of that media is Daniel Jeremiah.

The other day on a media call, Jeremiah talked about this class:

The other question, you’re always looking at the depth of the class when you’re trying to make your decisions, so the lack of edge rusher, elite edge rushers to me, that is going to help a guy like Bradley Chubb because I think there’s a dropoff after him, and then after that you’ve really only got a couple more guys with first round grades in Davenport and Landry. So that definitely elevates those guys.

Offensive tackle, I don’t know if it has as much of an impact because I don’t think there’s one worth a top 20 pick. I have those guys down a little bit further.

That has to be close to a universal thought within this class, and it makes you begin to wonder about the Cardinals draft board.

That means would a player like Harold Landry or Marcus Davenport make sense for the Arizona Cardinals at 15? Would one of those players falling to 15 make a good spot for a potential trade up?

The Cardinals may not need a starter at the edge position, but they have literally nothing behind their starters.

They also don’t know what they have in Markus Golden coming off knee injury and moving to a 4-3, so Landry or Davenport could actually make sense.

As for offensive tackle, everything said about the end position could be said about the tackle position.

The Cardinals could “reach” slightly in Jeremiah’s mind and take a top 21 player at 15 in Connor Williams or Mike McGlinchey.

The Cardinals needs may not dictate it, but the way the depth of the 2018 NFL Draft sets up could make that type of pick make sense.