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Arizona Cardinals find their win total back to 2013 levels

The Arizona Cardinals are not expected to win much according to Vegas.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Spring Practice The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

The overall belief in the Arizona Cardinals has dropped significantly in the public arena.

From the fact that they only received the single required primetime game on Thursday Night Football, to the lack of belief in the team from a national level.

Now, with Las Vegas releasing their first win/loss totals after the schedule release, the belief in the Cardinals is the lowest it has been since Bruce Arians first season as coach.

According to the Arizona Cardinals sit tied with the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, and Cincinnati Bengals for the second lowest win total in the league, with only the Cleveland Browns lower.

It’s not surprising, win totals are based partially on what you’ve done previously, and what Vegas and the sharps know about you.

For the Cardinals, there’s little to know.

A new coach, a plethora of new offensive talent and a new scheme for the defense, means Vegas doesn’t know what to think of the team.

In that instance, you set it low and let the public push the total in a different direction, for now, the Cardinals are expected to be a bad team per the Vegas books.

Let’s hope the Cardinals can prove them wrong again.