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Josh Rosen has some things to say about being the fourth quarterback drafted

The Arizona Cardinals newest quarterback had some things to say about being drafted as the fourth quarterback.

NFL: NFL Draft Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Want to know who Josh Rosen is, it took no time to find out.

Rosen, after being drafted tenth overall by the Arizona Cardinals, who traded three picks in order to move up and grab him, he wasn’t shy about what happened.

When interviewed by Westwood One’s Ed Werder, Rosen had this to say, he was

“pissed off’’ to be the 4th QB drafted and said those selected in front of him were nine mistakes.

He doubled down on that:

Josh Rosen on being drafted 10th: “There were nine mistakes ahead of me.”

This is Rosen.

He is brash, he believes in himself and he believes he was the best quarterback in this draft.

Soon, he will believe he is the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Is that an issue? Would you want your quarterback to believe anything else about his ability?

No, that’s what you want in a quarterback, you want supreme confidene in his ability, a belief that he is not only good, but he will be leading a great team.

That is Josh Rosen.

It is time to embrace “The Rosen One”.