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2018 Day 2 Arizona Cardinals Mock Draft

Mocking the second and third rounds of the Arizona Cardinals 2018 NFL Draft.

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1st Round (10th Overall Selection from Oakland Raiders)
Josh Rosen - Quarterback
UCLA - Junior6’4’’, 226 Pounds

I thought this:

Darnold - I want him as a definitive backup to Bradford. I don’t want him anywhere near the field. Highest ceiling player in the draft.Great on the move, and probably the best pocket awareness.

Jackson - Great mobility, amazing talent when maneuvering the pocket, and intelligence. Don’t know why he let his mom represent him, Lamar probably cracks top-4 QB’s if he has representation (better then Josh Allen now). Needs to improve long ball accuracy.

Josh Allen - Wildly inaccurate on some throws, and typically plays very ‘gunslinger’-esque. Best long ball I’ve seen, and probably the thickest legs in the draft.

Rosen - Seriously, the best pocket thrower in the draft, and one of the most intelligent QB’s in the draft. Smart talking got him in trouble, but it’s his overall understanding of the playbook that makes him the best in the draft.

I’m very happy that we got Rosen obviously, because in my opinion, Rosen has a chance to be the starter immediately (sorry Sam I am), and it didn’t take much to get him. I love this pick, and this will be the reason the Cardinals can compete this year.

Grade: A+ (if he starts, if not sorry, but A)

Now, I’m going to mock who I think the Cardinals will get in days one and two:

2nd Round (50th Overall Selection from Dallas Cowboys)
Anthony Averett - Cornerback
Alabama - Senior
5’11’’, 183 Pounds

This is a reasonable spot for Averett to come to Arizona. He’s probably the fastest corner out of breaks, and will get you some knockdowns. His size isn’t overly impressive, but if you watch tape on Averett, you can he has plenty of strength at the line of scrimmage to jam and release. Plus he’s a 4.36 40 kind of guy, someone reliable in coverage. As for the trade, we needed to regain some capital after the Rosen trade.

I’m assuming that teams will scramble to grab Carlton Davis, Joshua Jackson, and Isaiah Oliver as soon as the second round begins, so the Cardinals could be SOL on them. Next player I’m thinking is o-line, and Hernandez is intriguing. Who would you pick, Will Hernandez or a corner?

*ARZ: 50th, 137th; DAL: 47th (D.J. Chark - Louisiana State)

3rd Round (97th Overall Selection via Compensatory)
Allen Lazard - Wide Receiver
Iowa State - Redshirt Senior
6’5’’, 227 Pounds

In the third round, you can get value for receiver, and that’s why I’m so happy to get Allen Lazard for the Cardinals. Give Josh Rosen to throw to someone, give Bradford someone to throw to, and get that guy some 1-on-1 training from Larry Fitz. He’s 6’5’’, and built like Kelvin Benjamin. Soft mitts, and very athletic. Problems arise with his intensity, and his inability to separate. That’s not an issue for someone in the third round.

You can’t really value a pick until the pick really performs, but I think Lazard is a fierce competitor. The Cardinals would instantly enhance it’s receiving room with a player like Lazard.

4th Round (134th Overall Selection via Compensatory)
Will Clapp - Center
Louisiana State - Redshirt Senior
6’5’’, 311 Pounds

Can we finally put the ‘rebuild the o-line’ mantra to bed? With this pick, I don’t just solidify the offensive line for what could be a very dangerous offense, but I also get the chance to admit fault for Evan Boehm. Boehm could still be good, but Clapp is a better athlete than Boehm. He’s also taller. Has more tools, and a little more versatile. Need I say more?

We should totally expect Clapp in this section of the draft, he’s a very big boy with a bear-like blocking ability. Now, you just need the future of the right guard/right tackle position settled, and you could be set for a few years.

4th Round (137th Overall Selection from Dallas Cowboys via Compensatory)
Jullian Taylor - Defensive End
Temple - Senior
6’5’’, 280 Pounds

An athletic defensive end who can play inside or outside technique, and pushes the pocket very well. Usually in a Steve Keim draft, the Cardinals take on a ‘project’ (Rodney Gunter, Brandon Williams), and this time, I’m taking Haason Reddick’s former teammate. He’s lengthy, strong, and creates space for his linebackers.

One year of tape is hard to go off, but Taylor is still a hell of a athletic beast, and would be able to sit behind Markus Golden and Chandler Jones for a year. Value pick for me.

6th Round (182nd Overall Selection from Denver Broncos)
Chris Covington - Outside Linebacker
Indiana - Redshirt Senior
6’2’’, 245 Pounds

I’m trying to get an athletic guy for the linebackers corps, someone who can play some special teams immediately when he comes in, and is stout against the run (run down situation). Chris Covington is good at all these things. He is not especially good at pass-coverage, but I believe in the abilities and intelligence (used to be a QB). Just needs to be molded as a linebacker now.

7th Round (254 Overall Selection via Compensatory)
Drew Brown - Kicker
Nebraska - Senior
5’11’’, 208 Pounds

This isn’t to get rid of Phil Dawson (or the old-man crew), this is a warning to Phil Dawson. Don’t make only 80% of your field goals again. This is very much a prove-it tactic, I wanted Drew Brown because of his accuracy. 12 of 14. That’s a good statline for me. Shoot, your rookie year, just make higher than what Dawson did last year, and your already on the right track. Plus, he has the ability to touchback every time he kicks off.