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The reaction to the Arizona Cardinals pick of Josh Rosen as it happened

What did the draft analyst think of the Arizona Cardinals pick of Josh Rosen?

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

When the Arizona Cardinals made the move up to get Josh Rosen, the quarterback was not happy.

Yet, everyone else feels like the marriage is a promising one.

During the different broadcasts of the 2018 NFL Draft, the reaction on the air was strong and in favor of the Arizona Cardinals.

Here are some of the highlights of what the pundits had to say:

Fox Broadcast:

FOX NFL Analyst Troy Aikman:
”The first thing you hear when you talk about Josh Rosen is his intelligence, and I am not so sure why that’s a surprise. I mean, the kid is from UCLA for crying out loud. Of course he’s smart, but he has the highest football IQ of any of these quarterbacks going in this first round. He had three different offensive coordinators at UCLA in three years. Learning the playbook in Arizona will not be a problem for him. Mike McCoy is going to be terrific for him, allowing him to do the things that he does best and challenge him. I think Arizona is a really good fit just in terms of him being a West Coast guy and him getting to stay in that part of the country there in Arizona (and playing) indoors. I think it is going to turn out great, and I think he is going to have one heck of an NFL career.”

Stanford Head Coach David Shaw:
“This is the most natural passer to come out since Andrew Luck. He makes the wild throws effortlessly. He has got to learn how to get the ball out of his hands a little bit quicker, know when the play is over, throw the ball away, but I’ll tell you now, when it comes to standing in one place and throwing the ball directly to a receiver, this is the best guy to come out (of the draft) since Andrew Luck.”

ESPN Broadcast:

ESPN NFL Front Office Insider Louis Riddick:
“I like Josh Rosen. I thought he was going to be off the board much sooner than this. He can sling it. He can play. This is a situation here (in Arizona) where a young quarterback will very much benefit from going to a place like this. The (Cardinals) quarterback room (with Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon) has been constructed in such a way that players just learn differently from other players than they do from coaches. They want a guy with a high football IQ, a guy who can do a lot of work at the line of scrimmage and get them in the plays that keep him out of harms way. I think Josh Rosen is tailor-made to do that.”

ESPN College Football Analyst Kirk Herbstreit:
“What’s amazing about Josh Rosen is of all these quarterbacks, the guy who’s coming out who’s probably the most ready as far as fundamentals in the college game are concerned, it’s him. The thing with him is when the pocket is clean – which how often is the pocket clean in the NFL? – he’s going to make every read. He’s going to make every throw.”

ESPN Draft Analyst Mel Kiper Jr.:
”You would have never thought, a month ago, that he would be here at this spot in the draft. He can spin it. He is artistic, and he is definitely NFL-ready.”

Arizona Sports 98.7FM Radio Show:

Former NFL QB Trent Dilfer:
“(The Cardinals) just won the draft. Repeat this sound in six years when Josh is taking you to a Super Bowl or gone to multiple Pro Bowls. You guys just did something that doesn’t happen very often. At No. 10 you got a franchise guy that can carry the weight of a city, a franchise. He’ll do everything that’s asked of him and more and he’s got so much hunger and a burning desire in him. I think you’re looking at really kinda the next Aaron Rodgers-type player in the NFL. He’s that kind of talent.”

The reactions during the draft, when the pick was happening or shortly after show that the belief is the Arizona Cardinals nailed the pick.

What do you think?

After a night to sleep on it are you still feeling the same way?