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Arizona Cardinals 2018 NFL Draft drew praise from most, except one ESPN writer

The Arizona Cardinals had a great draft to most, except Mel Kiper Jr, who just sees it as average.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals were nearly universally praised for the 2018 NFL Draft haul.

Nearly because one of the most well established pundits in the NFL Draft scene, maybe the Godfather of the draft craze, Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN.

In fact, Kiper gave the Cardinals the lowest grade I could find on the internet thus far.

From Kiper:

Arizona Cardinals: C+
Rosen has pocket awareness, touch, timing and will occasionally make a throw that will have you hitting rewind in appreciation. He also has missed time over each of the last two seasons with concussions and a shoulder injury -- his throwing shoulder. I think there’s a decent possibility that he’s the first rookie starter out of this group. How he holds up (the Arizona O-line would make me hesitate) is the question early on.

Christian Kirk (pick 42) is a smooth route-runner, but more likely a useful slot fit than the eventual replacement for Larry Fitzgerald. Mason Cole (97) could be a starter at center as soon as Week 1. Chase Edmonds (134) has talent and jumps into a scattershot mix behind David Johnson. Ultimately, it’s all about Rosen, who has a high-end ceiling if he stays healthy.

The funny thing is, there is not a single thing wrong or even inaccurate about what Kiper said, yet it is hard to understand how these comments yield a C+.

The nice thing is Kiper’s take on the draft matters zero, just as the positives do not matter from the other writer’s, but it is interesting to see someone give the same grade to the Cardinals as the Seattle Seahawks or New Orleans Saints, who both were panned for their selections.

Is Kiper accurate in his take or is he being too hard on the Cardinals?