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Arizona Cardinals only team without "their guy" at quarterback in NFC?

One tweet looks at all the quarterback situations in the NFL and the Cardinals stands out amongst NFC teams.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Sam Bradford The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

With the Arizona Cardinals signing Sam Bradford in the offseason, they have their quarterback of the immediate. Whether that’s 2018 and 2019 it doesn’t matter, they have their quarterback.

An interesting if slightly inaccurate tweet was sent out that caught my eye yesterday:

I guess you could technically say the Giants have their guy since they still have Eli Manning and have the second pick in the draft so they’ll have their guy if they choose to.

However, when you look at the list of NFC quarterbacks, it is clear the Cardinals are the only team without a guy that you would say is one they would or have built around.

So, from that perspective, I guess you could say the tweet was accurate.

What’s more interesting is that outside of the Giants, and again the Giants can guarantee they get one of the top quarterbacks in this class, the Cardinals are the only other team that have a question mark about who their quarterback is for 2019 and definitely habe no idea for 2020.

What do you think?