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The Arizona Cardinals 2018 Draft Class was special

The Cardinals 2018 class is one that you rarely see... On paper.

Erdinger Oktoberfest London Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

When you look at the 2018 NFL Draft, you’ll see grades of all kinds.

To be frank, they all suck.

Mel Kiper gave the Cardinals a C+ for this year but a B- for the 2013 draft that ended up being very bad.

That’s why I came up with my grading system:

I compare the NFL Draft to beer, everyone loves beer, you have different types of beer, but beer is always good. It is just that some beer is better than others and some beer is... special.

That was the thesis behind my grading system and this is how it looks:

Special Draft = Limited Release Beer

Great Draft = Your favorite craft beer

Hey, it’s still a draft = Domestic beer

This year’s draft on paper, can be nothing but a special draft.

It is just like the Magick is Purple beer that I got to enjoy while in Chicago for a year. It’s a limited release sour beer and it is a bit pricey. Yet, it is unique, it is something you don’t get to experience too often and that’s what makes it special.

That is the only way to describe the feeling coming out of this Arizona Cardinals draft and I don’t say this often.

The Cardinals drafted their franchise quarterback (hopefully) and that doesn’t happen to often.

In fact, the last time it happened I had just turned old enough to drink.

Josh Rosen is a special pick for Arizona Cardinals fans, one we don’t get to experience too often.

Add in that they took Christian Kirk and Mason Cole, it is obvious that addressing the offensive needs heading into 2018 was a key in this draft for the Arizona Cardinals.

The picks of Chase Edmonds, Christian Campbell and Korey Cunningham are just the delicious chasers after you polish off the 750ml bottle of Magick.

Rosen is that Magick is Purple… He was unexpected, yet something we had been looking for, and now, we want more.

The next release won’t be until August in preseason, but it’ll be all we think and talk about until then.

How would you grade the Arizona Cardinals 2018 NFL Draft?