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Sam Bradford will be in a special plan to try and keep him healthy

The Arizona Cardinals need to keep Sam Bradford healthy if they want to be competitive in 2018.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Sam Bradford The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

With the Arizona Cardinals getting to work yesterday, the staff and some of the players were available for press interviews.

Well, one fairly major and moreso interesting comment came out of it.

The Arizona Cardinals are putting together a plan for Sam Bradford, which includes not letting him on the field quite yet.

"We’ll identify what Sam needs to do, and put him on a program that’s based on him, the individual,” strength and conditioning coach Buddy Morris said, via Darren Urban of the team website. “We like to individualize a lot around here.”

The Cardinals are making sure that Bradford is healthy and they’re taking precaution in doing so.

They don’t have a lot of money invested if he’s unhealthy, $15 million for a starting quarterback is pocket change in today’s NFL, but they are banking on him being good. And the best ability of any player is availability.

Cardinals fans know all too well about starting quarterbacks being injured. If Bradford is down, the Cardinals have to shift to Mike Glennon.

No one wants that, no matter what anyone says.

The Cardinals are going to take it at a glacial pace with Bradford and try to get him through the season. We’ll see if they can.