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Arizona Cardinals meeting with Nation's Sack Leader reveals more than just prospect interest

The Cardinals met with Joe Ostman and more was revealed than just their interest in the nation's sack leader.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Kansas Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are going to be making some changes to the defense. What those changes are we are not entirely sure yet, but changes are coming.

One weakness of a potential move to a 4-3 defense is the lack of depth at both defensive end and linebacker.

All of a sudden, the three inside linebackers the Cardinals employed in a 3-4 are barely enough to field a three-man unit if a 4-3. The same with the defensive end or outside linebackers. The Cardinals have Chandler Jones and Markus Golden… that’s it.

So, when names pop up featuring the Cardinals, I listen.

Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride, the Oakland Raiders site for SB Nation, chatted with the college football sack leader from 2017, Joe Ostman and the Arizona Cardinals came up:

A couple other teams, the Eagles and the Cardinals for example, kind of project me in a 4-3 role where they would like to see me up closer to around 260

You can read the full interview from Damien, something I highly recommend, to get an idea of Ostman the prospect, but I think this is another great nugget of what Steve Wilks and company are looking to do defensively moving forward.

The Cardinals are talking to prospects about playing a 4-3, they moved on from 3-4 defensive end anchor Josh Mauro. The writing seems to be clear, the Cardinals will be making the move to a 4-3 when they get the players to fill it. The question becomes, how soon?