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Arizona Cardinals awarded two young quarterbacks on waivers

The Arizona Cardinals added Alex Torgersen and Brandon Doughty on waivers.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have added two young quarterbacks to their roster through waivers today.

They were awarded Alex Torgersen, previously of the Detroit Lions, and Brandon Doughty of the Miami Dolphins, from waiver claims today.

It is clear the Cardinals are looking to add as many healthy, young quarterback bodies as possible to the roster as potential limb and organ donors to keep starting quarterback Sam Bradford healthy.

It’s a bold and innovative move, one that has not been tried in the NFL before, but it makes sense for the Arizona Cardinals.

Or… the Cardinals are loading up on young camp arms knowing that they are unlikely to see Bradford do much, if anything during the summer workouts the team will hold.

After listening to their plan for Bradford, either option makes sense.

In any case, that’s the most recent news on the Arizona Cardinals this offseason.

Maybe one of these guys finds a way to stick.