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Lamar Jackson hot commodity heading into 2018 NFL Draft

The Louisville quarterback is a hot commodity heading into the final stretch of the draft.

There are always differences and a disconnect between what the media says and what happens behind the scenes in the NFL.

First, the general rule of everyone is lying is true. That’s not to say media members are lying about what they are being told, it is that they were told a lie to begin with.

That brings us to the peculiar case of Lamar Jackson.

There seems to be somewhat of a disconnect between what the media sees and what the NFL sees.

Or maybe not, however the change in perception is starting to leak through.

The NFL likes Jackson. The NFL views Jackson as a commodity and more than that, there is a chance someone thinks of Jackson like the NFL ultimately viewed Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

After the tweet I reached out to people I trust, here was the general consensus: Someone is going to move up for Lamar Jackson.

Last year both the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans surprised everyone, but mostly the Arizona Cardinals.

Could this happen again in 2018?

We’ll find out in three short weeks.