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Jordan Matthews signs with New England Patriots

The Arizona Cardinals missed out on the former Eagles and Bills wide receiver.

The Arizona Cardinals lost another wide receiver option, as Jordan Matthews has signed with the New England Patriots.

This is another signing that frustrates non-Patriots… or I guess NFL fans outside of New England.

It’s one of those deals where the Patriots either get a great player for cheap or they just move on like the signing never happened.

This is now the New England Patriots wide receiver depth chart:

Once the numbers come out, you will always wonder if the Cardinals could have matched or beat it and of course if Matthews play well, it will be lamented heavily if the Cardinals don’t get much out of their receiving corps.

But, this seems like one of those times when a player was willing to take less money for a likely great team, rather than a modest deal from a team that may just be average.

Will the Cardinals regret not offering more to Matthews?