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Will the Arizona Cardinals finally invest in the cornerback position in the 2018 NFL Draft?

The Cardinals have not put a priority on drafting cornerbacks during Steve Keim's tenure.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When you look through the Steve Keim era and the first three seasons, you know the story of the lack or quarterback picks.

However, what about other positions?

Over the next couple weeks we’ll look at other positions on the roster and see why they are still in a state of flux or need and where Keim hit and missed.

We’ll start with the most glaring need outside of QB. Cornerback.

2013: Patrick Peterson, Jerraud Powers, Javier Arenas, Justin Bethel, Antoine Cason, Tyrann Mathieu and Bryan McCann

Powers, Cason and McCann were free agent pickups and Arenas was traded for from the Kansas City Chiefs for Anthony Sherman.

Tyrann Mathieu lone draft pick.

2014: Peterson, Antonio Cromartie, Bethel, Powers and Mathieu

Cromartie was the new addition through free agency.

No draft picks.

2015: Peterson, Powers, Bethel, Mathieu, Corey White, Cariel Brooks.

Well, White was a journeyman, Brooks was an undrafted free agent.

No draft picks.

2016: Peterson, Bethel, Mathieu, Marcus Cooper, Brandon Williams, Tharold Simon, Harlan Miller, Trevon Hartfield

Cooper was a free agent signing, Simon was an in season free agent signing, and Hartfield was an undrafted free agent.

Brandon Williams was the first and only true cornerback drafted by Steve Keim in his tenure. Miller was a corner to safety back to corner because of injuries, so we can count that as two corners drafted if we want

2017: Peterson, Bethel, Williams, Miller, Mathieu, C.J. Goodwin and Tramon Williams

Goodwin was this year’s journeyman pickup, while Tramon Williams was this year’s late free agent signing.

If we break down everything, the Cardinals have employed 16 cornerbacks during the Keim era. They have drafted… two of those players.

Maybe one of the most important positions to field the Cardinals have invested three draft picks, they happened to get two the same season and one was technically drafted to convert to safety while Mathieu was drafted as a “safety” and Javier Arenas played slot corner his initial season, but I’m being generous.

I think I found the reason the Cardinals have consistently been looking for a number two corner for the last five seasons, Keim has drafted one outside CB in his time as GM.

Will he prioritize the position in 2018?