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B/R has Arizona Cardinals biggest remaining need as left tackle

The Cardinals need a left tackle according to one site.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals did a nice job this offseason of fixing much of what ailed them.

It was clear the offense needed a drastic makeover and they focused and seemed to have done a nice job on it.

Yet, some pundits still believe it needs work.

If you asked most fans what that position is, it would likely be wide receiver, maybe tight end, or even cornerback opposite Patrick Peterson.

For Bleacher Report, that position is left tackle:

On one hand, the Arizona Cardinals have expressed a significant level of confidence in young tackle D.J. Humphries. The Redbirds picked up his fifth-year option for 2019, and Humphries told Tim Ring of he believes he’s matured as a player.

This was a bit of shock. If you would have given me 10 guesses, I wouldn’t have picked left tackle and it seems like the author is more concerned with D.J. Humphries ability than his health:

But this is the same Humphries who was inactive for his entire rookie season in 2015 because of poor play—the only first-round pick who was. And while he has improved (nowhere to go but up), he’s missed 14 games over the past two years.

The Cardinals are putting an awful lot of faith in Humphries’ ability to stay healthy and be effective in 2018.

If he can’t, odds are, neither will quarterbacks Sam Bradford or Josh Rosen.

If you want to take the health angle, I’m 100% okay with this thought, although I disagree, Hump has never been healthy for a full 16 at left tackle.

However, his work, when healthy has been more than adequate enough to allow for any concerns about the player to be unwarranted.

I understand the lack of time at the position, only eight games, but he’s been a good player in those games.

It seems like a lot of obvious choices were passed up to pick Humphries.

What do you think the Arizona Cardinals biggest position of need is?