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Arizona Cardinals Christian Kirk got into some trouble before the 2018 NFL Draft per report

The Arizona Cardinals 2nd round pick was arrested according to AZ Central.

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The NFL is a machine in terms of producing news on a 365 day basis.

Part of the reason is that the NFL fans crave news about their team and players even when there is little to nothing going on.

So, when a report surfaces that a newly drafted Cardinals player was arrested before the 2018 NFL Draft, it will garner some attention.

That player is local product, second round pick Christian Kirk.

Kirk was arrested for disorderly conduct and property damage after getting drunk and throwing rocks at cars at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

From the report:

According to Scottsdale Police: “The suspects were intoxicated and leaving the WMPO. As they were walking through a parking lot, security personnel observed them throwing rocks at cars and breaking a window of at least one of them.”

This is one of those incidents that is irritating as a fan, but also understandable that a college student did something that too many college students do... Get drunk and act dumb.

The problem is of course you’d like players to understand that they are about to make a boatload of money and not put themselves in that position.

Kirk has no reported incidents in his time playing for Scottsdale Saguaro High School or at Texas A&M.

This feels like something you can chalk up to dumb kids will be dumb.

Let’s hope it is just a one time incident for a college kid doing college kid things.