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Arizona Cardinals picked to finish with second worst record in NFL per ESPN analyst

The Arizona Cardinals are picked to finish with the second worst record in the NFL in 2018 per Mike Clay.

NCAA Football: Arizona Cardinals Rookie Minicamp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The overall public perception of the Arizona Cardinals is at the lowest I can remember since Bruce Arians was first hired.

That’s the NFL, it is a consistent what have you done for me lately type of league, including not only teams, but players.

The Cardinals turned chicken $h!t in to chicken salad in 2017 and then lost their coach who did the work.

Now, they are under the rule of first time head coach Steve Wilks, with failed offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, and often injured Sam Bradford at quarterback.

That doesn’t inspire confidence for many outside of Arizona.

In fact, one ESPN personality believes that the Arizona Cardinals are in for a big fall in 2018:

Despite the 1980’s game show graphics, Clay is projecting the Arizona Cardinals to have the second worst record in the NFL in 2018, behind only the sad sack New York Jets.

There are a couple of ways to look at this.

  1. If the Cardinals are the secon worst team in the NFL, they’ll have their first round pick, as GM Steve Keim expertly held onto his 2019 first round pick. They have their quarterback, and this will give them a couple of great options, including taking a game changing defensive lineman like Ed Oliver or Nick Bosa, or trading out for a bevy of picks.
  2. The Cardinals have a lot of people to prove wrong in 2018. Clay’s projections have the Cardinals winning 5.6 game (I know, impossible). That means the Cardinals are a 5-11 to 6-10 team in 2018. While it stings, that may not be entirely far-fetched based on the massive overhaul they have underwent in terms of personnel and scheme.

While it is less than ideal, it could be a step back to take two or three steps forward.

Also, it is unlikely that five wins earns the second overall pick, as the New York Giants in 2017 won three games, the 2016 49ers won two games, the 2015 Browns won a single game, and the 2014 Titans won three games.

No matter what, the belief in the Cardinals from a public perception is low.