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Arizona Cardinals get high marks for UDFA haul

The Arizona Cardinals had a great offseason, and even made a good splash in UDFA.

Northwestern v Wisconsin Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The offseason has been one of change for the Arizona Cardinals.

They made big moves in free agency, then made a potential franchise defining move in the 2018 NFL Draft.

While it hasn’t projected to more wins from pundits, most would agree it was a positive offseason for the Cardinals.

How positive? Even their huge undrafted free agency haul is being lauded.

From Bleacher Report:

The Arizona Cardinals brought in several high-productivity players as undrafted free agents... Cornerback Deatrick Nichols started three years and logged 11 interceptions and 24 passes defensed at South Florida... Defensive end Alec James stands at 6’3”, 272 pounds but moves well in space. He’s capable of pursuing ball-carriers attacking the edge and sealing the deal on effort sacks in extended sequences... Wide receiver Corey Willis profiles as a slot machine on the NFL level. In space, the speedy pass-catcher can shred a defense with his agility...

Grade: A

They highlighted three players, two of which, Nichols and James, we have highlighted as well. The final player, Corey Willis, won’t get much attention because of Christian Kirk and Chad Williams, but Willis was highly productive, as the article notes:

The Central Michigan product logged 1,091 receiving yards as junior and 18 touchdown receptions in his last two seasons.

A highly productive player who can contribute on specials, that will be a key for Willis if he wants a shot to make the 2018 Arizona Cardinals roster.

But, like Nichols and James, he has a strong pedigree.

The Cardinals offseason on paper, has landed them quite a few good players, we will see if that changes the perception of the team heading into 2018.