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Is Mike Glennon An Expendable Roster Piece?

With Josh Rosen making a great early impression in offseason workouts, does Mike Glennon become a guy the Cardinals can move on from rather quickly?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals OTA Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Arizona Cardinals finally took the leap of faith we have been waiting on them to take for years and traded up to get their franchise quarterback. With the 10th pick, they took Josh Rosen, who by all accounts, is a guy that is NFL-ready already.

So with Sam Bradford set to be the starter (Head Coach Steve Wilks confirmed that Bradford will in fact be starting), how does the rest of the quarterback depth chart shake out?

It’s early to say, but Rosen could definitely have crept up to the 2nd spot already. In fact, CBS Sports and Fox Sports both have Rosen as the 2nd guy behind Bradford on their depth charts.

Everything is obviously incredibly fluid right now. Rosen could cool down (there is still a ton of hype around him right now, and for good reason) and Mike Glennon, who was the presumed 2nd QB only a few weeks ago, could have a phenomenal training camp to secure the 2nd spot.

But what if the Cardinals do decide to officially make Rosen the #2? Would that suddenly make Glennon expendable?

According to, the Cardinals already gave Glennon a $4 million signing bonus. They could save $1 million by making him a post-June 1 cut, but that seems incredibly unlikely.

For now, they could consider their roster as having three quarterbacks all with the capability to start and lead this team to wins if called upon. That type of security is not something we are used to with the Cardinals. With Bradford’s injury history, it’s probably wise to keep three good quarterbacks on the roster anyhow.

But after the 2018 season, all bets are off. Glennon will have one year remaining on his deal, Bradford could potentially be let go, and Rosen could be the guy.

Needless to say, we have a very exciting fall upcoming, especially when analyzing the QB position. If Steve Keim wants to be creative with the quarterback room, he definitely has the flexibility to be.