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Pats on the Back for Steve Keim

Hooray for Keim’s array of Belichick-esque moves!

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Josh Rosen Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Man---this off-season Steve Keim has been making an array of moves that are uncannily very Bill Belichick-esque.

  • Keim hires a defensive guru and workaholic as head coach in Steve Wilks.
  • Keim hires Mike McCoy as OC and McCoy has been saying from day one that he prefers as Patriots’ style of offense.
  • Keim signs the most accurate UFA QB in Sam Bradford.
  • Keim trades up in the draft to select the best pure passer and most NFL ready QB in the draft in Josh Rosen and then adds a UDFA QB in Chad Kanoff who completed 73% of his passes as senior.
  • Keim beefs up the offensive line by signing G Justin Pugh, T Andre Smith and by drafting C Mason Cole (the player projected as the second 3rd round pick in the “What Would Bill Do” mock draft for he Cardinals) and T Korey Cunningham.
  • Keim signs WR Brice Butler as the Cardinals’ version of Chris Hogan.
  • Keim drafts the best slot WR in the draft in Christian Kirk and adds depth to the slot WR position with UDFAs Corey Willis and C.J. Duncan.
  • Keim drafts RB Chase Edmonds to become with T.J. Logan the Dion Lewis/James White options in the Cardinals’ stable of RBs.
  • Keim signs one of the top UFA veteran FBs in Derrick Coleman, the first FB Keim has signed in 6 years. Plus he adds UDFA FB Austin Ramesh.
  • McCoy intends to use TE Ricky-Seals Jones as the key to winning coverage mismatches.
  • Keim and Wilks switch the Cardinals’ defense to the 43, which Belichick did 2 years ago.
  • Keim drafts a very Malcolm Butler-esque CB in Penn St,’s Chris Campbell.
  • Keim trades a 2020 6th round pick to the Browns for starting RCB Jamar Taylor in order to plug the one glaring hole on the defense.
  • Keim revamps the special teams by hiring new STs coordinator Jeff Rodgers.
  • Keim even brings in a left footed punter (Joe Davidson) for a tryout during rookie mini-camp.
  • Keim signs the most accurate UDFA FG kicker in Matthew McCrane.
  • Keim now has added a bona fide punt returner in Christian Kirk to pair with a now healthy and super speedy kickoff returner, T.J. Logan.
  • Wilks wants no talk from players or coaches about Super Bowls (a Belichick mandate).
  • Just as Belichick’s mantra is “no days off”, Wilks’ is “win the day.”

Next up? Expect Steve Keim to make a free agent TE signing or a trade for a TE. Also, expect an addition at safety.

Pats on the back for Steve Keim. This is as aggressive, comprehensive and sharply focused as Keim has ever has been. Talk about executing a game plan. Keim is getting it done with aplomb, Birdgang! As a coaching legend and mentor of mine always says, “There’s nothing wrong with getting a little excited.”