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Arizona Cardinals get high marks on 2018 consensus draft grades

The Cardinals earned high marks on the cumulative grades from around the NFL experts.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals had a special draft, we talked about that the other day. It looks like a potential franchise changing draft for the Cardinals.

Now, thanks to fantastic work from a Twitter user who I cannot find the origin from, the Arizona Cardinals had the fourth best draft according to the draft grades given by the pros.

The best draft went to the Denver Broncos, who had a great draft by letting it fall to them, nabbing two talented players early in Bradley Chubb and Courtland Sutton. The Packers came in second, they revamped their secondary in a great way, getting both Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson, while the Chicago Bears came in third overall.

The Cardinals ranking was brought down by the fact that two crumudgeons in Mel Kiper Jr and Rob Rang didn’t like their drafts nearly enough (although they didn’t really explain their reasoning for the lower grade).

When you look at the overally grades, you also see the Cardinals were far and away the best in the NFC West, at least coming out of the draft before you have seen them play.

The Cardinals have built on a strong 2017 draft after misfiring in 2016. They were praised for the second year in a row for the their draft.

Now, let’s hope they can continue to see it on the field.