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Anonymous Execs like Arizona Cardinals pick, but not the player in Josh Rosen

ESPN got their anonymous quotes together and they had some things to say about Josh Rosen.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Josh Rosen Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After the draft each and every year we get the prevalence of the anonymous leaks from inside the NFL will be coming out.

Or, you can go to ESPN and read their anonymous executives response to all the picks in the 2018 NFL Draft from round one.

Of course, when it comes to Josh Rosen, the Arizona Cardinals hit it out of the park with the player:

“I was hoping they would stay at 15 and get Lamar Jackson, but I don’t have a problem with what they did,” an exec said. “Everybody recognizes the talent with Rosen...”

Yet, no one likes him it seems:

“...but he is not the top guy in the draft because nobody likes him.”

This was a common theme from the article and the comparisons levied against Rosen were harsh, to say the least:

Exec after exec said the same things about Rosen. One called the former UCLA quarterback a combination of Jeff George and Jay Cutler who would struggle to lead a team. Another worried that Rosen was not durable, comparing him to current Cardinals starter Sam Bradford.

Yet, there were some that see this as a positive not only for Rosen but for the Arizona Cardinals:

“I think they have it set up right in Arizona because [offensive coordinator] Mike McCoy can speak the kid’s language and talk fast enough to try to stay ahead of the kid so he does not get bored,” an insider said.

Somehow though, there is always apprehension with Josh Rosen and that is what his reputation will continue to be, simply because that is how people reacted to his personality, take this statement for example:

“Byron will be good for the kid if Rosen allows it,” an insider said.

If Rosen allows it, as though he is some unreachable, unteachable student who thinks he is the only one who knows best.

Here is the reality... When Rosen is good, he’ll still be disliked because anonymous NFL executives felt slighted by at 21 year old kid... I say simply... Embrace it.