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Josh Rosen burning to prove people wrong

The Arizona Cardinals have the quarterback who is solely focused on being great.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals OTA Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

What do the Arizona Cardinals have in Josh Rosen?

Well, through the last couple of weeks, it has come down that someone who is just happy to be there and to have been drafted is not the answer.

The NFLPA rookie experience was this weekend and as players took pictures and dressed out for the first time.

Alex Marvez had an interesting observation:

Rosen is simply not interested in the experience. This is where he expected to be with his work, playing football and playing quarterback in the NFL.

Now, he feels like he was snubbed and has something to prove. He wants to show those three teams that they made a mistake, but moreover he wants to prove all the doubters that they were wrong.

That’s why when it comes to playing in 2018, it seems like Rosen will be ready. His drive and work ethic should not be questioned. His desire to be great is what drives him and it’s already manifesting in his attitude.

To some, that is arrogance and what is wrong with Rosen.

For fans, it’s what they want in the leader. An obsession of being great.

In Rosen, that obsession is already starting.