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Wednesday Night Open Thread: Arizona to host Super LVII

University of Phoenix Stadium will host another Super Bowl in 2023

Super Bowl XLIX - Preview Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the fourth time in Super Bowl history, the game will be played in Arizona. It will also be the third Super Bowl hosted in University of Phoenix Stadium.

The question becomes, would you want to attend Super Bowl LVII?

Let’s play a hypothetical and take the Cardinals or whatever team you root for out of the equation, simply because seeing your team live in any championship is a lifetime achievement for a fan. But, if you had the chance to attend the Super Bowl, if tickets were a fair price, or free even, would you go?

My answer is simply... No.

Despite what Mike Bidwill says, the experience can be fan friendly, but unless you have a suite or are close to the action, the overall experience isn’t as good, in my opinion, of watching the game at home.

So, if you had the chance to go sit in a 400 level seat at the Super Bowl, would you?