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Josh Rosen paints with the rest of the 2018 NFL Rookie Class

The NFL had a fun time with the 2018 rookie class.

With the NFLPA rookie experience come and gone, some fun aftermath has come out of it.

During the 2018 NFL Rookie Experience, the NFL shot a little video to not only have some fun, but to see how creative they are.

It was a hilarious video that put some of the character of the new rookies on display:

Of course, the fun was not only had during, but after the event when the NFL put the tweet out and the fans were able to get a hold of it.

Josh Allen

Screenshots are probably funnier than the video itself, which was actually really enjoyable to watch.

Ronald Jones II

Derrius Guice

Kerryon Johnson

Calvin Ridley

Baker Mayfield

Sam Darnold

Of course, the unquestioned winner was that of Josh Rosen who showed his artistic brilliance not only as a quarterback making plays happen, but off the field and on the canvas:

Check the video out, enjoy the fun part of the NFL.

Who was your favorite?