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Arizona Cardinals find Sam Bradford ranked low in CBS Sports QB rankings

CBS Sports gave the Arizona Cardinals a wish of good luck with Sam Bradford at quarterback.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The debate on quarterbacks will always be a hot topic in the NFL.

It leads to a number of summer articles that pop up that include rankings, tiers, future rankings and projections.

Well, one such ranking was unveiled by CBS Sports Jason La Canfora, who did tiered rankings for the 2018 season.

La Canfora didn’t think too much of what the Arizona Cardinals got in Sam Bradford:

Tier 6: Good Luck

2018: Bradford, Tannehill

Bradford has done better than Tannehill when he is on the field, but the problem has been consistently about getting him on the field.

This is what La Canfora thought:

Both of these guys generally miss far more games than they play, they tend to tease with a flash here or there, but then leave you longing. If you are believing in them, you are probably fooling yourself, and I fell for it a year ago with Tannehill

Yet, La Canfora had even more to say on the subject of Bradford and didn’t pull any punches:

As for Bradford, well, I haven’t been fooled in a long, long time, but amazingly here is always another GM ready to give him another $20M to invariably rehab from another season-ending surgery. Good for him. But rookie Josh Rosen will end up playing more football for the Cardinals than he will next year.

This is a scathing review of Bradford, but you cannot say that it is over estimated in parts, simply because Bradford hasn’t played a full season since 2012, he has a winning record one time in his career, last season when he is 2-0, and he’ll be 31 in November.

However, this seems extremely harsh.

Here are his tier 1-5 QB’s:

Tier 1: Bona fide franchise quarterbacks

2018: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, Carson Wentz

Tier 2: Top pros, proven winners

2018: Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, Matt Stafford, Kirk Cousins

Tier 3: Rising Stars

2018: Jimmy Garoppolo, Dak Prescott, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Andrew Luck, Deshaun Watson, Derek Carr, Jared Goff

Tier 4: You Can Win With Them

2018: Alex Smith, Tyrod Taylor, Case Keenum

Tier 5: Guys, Veterans And Place Holders

2018: Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Blake Bortles, Josh McCown

What do you think of the rankings?