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RotB Afternoon Debate: Top 5 RBs heading into 2018

Who are your top 5 RBs in the NFL heading into 2018?

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Yesterday, we took on the eternal debate of quarterback rankings in the NFL.

It is a never ending, never agreed upon debate, but it was fun to have nonetheless.

Today, we move to the running back position.

Keep it clean, have some fun and embrace the debate, but try and steer away of personal attacks and belittling others opinions. Unless you disagree with me, in which case go ahead and be mean. (I’m kidding)

It’s an easy question with not an easy answer.

List your top five running backs in the NFL, order doesn’t matter, right now.

Not for the future, not for the last five years, but going into 2018, who would be the first five running backs off the board if you had to win to make sure your team got to play another season in 2019.

My five:

  1. Ezekiel Elliott - I think Zeke remains the best pure RB in the NFL, combined with the best situation for a RB in the league.
  2. Le’Veon Bell - At some point, Bell will slow down. I’m not betting on that while he’s still in Pittsburgh.
  3. Todd Gurley - Special player on a team that gives him a high usage rate that has a chance to be a special team.
  4. David Johnson - Despite the injury, still a dominant player for the Arizona Cardinals and their best hope on offense.
  5. Leonard Fournette - Throwback, ground and pound runner with game breaking ability. Helped the Jags reach another level and looks to be poised for more in 2018.

Who you got?