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Josh Rosen leaves big tip to honor #HugsFromHolly

The new Arizona Cardinals quarterback was in the giving mood on May 3rd.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Josh Rosen Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On May 3rd every year we’ll get a chance to honor young Holly Heap, the daughter of former NFL star Todd Heap.

Holly lost her life in an accident and her family has turned that tragedy into a social media campaign called #HugsFromHolly.

#HugsFromHolly is simple, wear pink and share an act of kindness on social media.

Well, new Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen jumped in with both feet, and let everyone know about it on Twitter.

Rosen took his mom out for lunch to celebrate, and left a generous, putting it mildly, $300 tip for the wait staff.

Not bad for a kid who hasn’t even signed an NFL contract.

Rosen wasn’t the only one to get into the act today, as the Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens and a plethora of other NFL teams and players celebrated Holly’s young life.

Hope everyone was a little kinder today.