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One man's opinion on the Arizona Cardinals contract extension priorities

Who would you sign first for the Arizona Cardinals in free agency?

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Who would you prioritize as the need to re-sign for the Arizona Cardinals?

That’s an interesting question knowing that they have plenty of money heading into 2019.

Here is how I would prioritize the Arizona Cardinals priorities in free agency.

  1. D.J. Humphries, FA ETA: 2020 Here’s the key for the Cardinals and Humphries. You have to pay him now. If you wait til next offseason and he has a good year, his cost will be exponentially higher. Now? You could lock up a 24 year old potential franchise left tackle. Sign him to a 5-year $45 million deal, with $25 guaranteed. $7 million in year one, $8 million in year two and $10 million in year three with $10 million the final two seasons. Hump can get a new contract at 28/29 and make more money while the Cardinals save a ton on any potential left tackle.
  2. Markus Golden, FA ETA: 2019 Golden is coming off an injury, but he’s got a 12.5 sack season on the books and if he goes for double digit sacks again in 2018, the Cardinals will have to pony up. However, sign him now or during the season and you get Golden for a big discount. Get Golden, who is going to be 28 next year, a 3-year $27 million deal with $15 guaranteed and you have a great deal that saves you money and keeps a nice pass rusher in tow.
  3. Deone Bucannon, FA ETA: 2019 What will Bucannon cost? That’s the question, but they need to make sure they have one of the expected keys to the defense in tow. He’s the fourth highest paid inside linebacker in the NFL, he’s not the fourth best linebacker and he can’t expect to be paid as such. However, if they can sign him for $6-8 million a year over 4-5 years, that could be a nice deal for all involved.
  4. David Johnson, FA ETA: 2019 What do you pay DJ? That’s the question they’ll have to figure out. I’m on board with giving Johnson the franchise tag in 2019 and then waiting to see what they can moving forward. I don’t think you can sign DJ for more than three years, or at least have no money left on the deal after three seasons.

Wild Card: Larry Fitzgerald, FA ETA: 2019 He gets to play as long as he wants… right?

Who would you prioritize to sign next from within the team?