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RotB Afternoon Debate: Top 5 WRs heading into 2018

How would you rank the wide receivers in the NFL?

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Two days in and two days of opinions on the top five quarterbacks in the NFL heading into 2018 and the top five running backs heading into 2018.

Now, it is the wide receivers.

Keep it clean, have some fun and embrace the debate, but try and steer away of personal attacks and belittling others opinions. Unless you disagree with me, in which case go ahead and be mean. (I’m kidding)

It’s an easy question with not an easy answer.

List your top five running backs in the NFL, order doesn’t matter, right now.

Not for the future, not for the last five years, but going into 2018, who would be the first five wide receivers off the board if you had to win to make sure your team got to play another season in 2019.

My five:

  1. Antonio Brown - The most dynamic player in the NFL right now. He is the true alpha, game changer.
  2. Julio Jones - The odd thing is, there is no reason that Jones should not be the top, but he isn’t the same type of player that Brown is. Yet, from a physical standpoint, there is no one better in the NFL.
  3. Michael Thomas - There was once a debate whether this would even be the best Michael Thomas in the NFL. Now, there is a debate to be had that Thomas is one of the five best players at his position in the league.
  4. Odell Beckham Jr - Health and his emotions hold him back at times, but when on the field he rivals Brown as the best in the league.

t5. Keenan Allen - Has become the Larry Fitzgerald of this generation. So much talent, wins without the elite athleticism or size of the others, and is just so clutch.

t5. Larry Fitzgerald - Call me a homer, I don’t care.