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Recapping the Arizona Cardinals 2018 NFL Draft

Rise Up, See Red and talk about the newest Arizona Cardinals podcast.

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome one and all to the Rise Up, See Red 2018 NFL Draft recap show.

Jess and I spent four weeks covering the NFL Draft and then... bam, it’s all over. That means we get to spend one week talking about the fact of what the Arizona Cardinals did in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Obviously, the big discussion will fall on Josh Rosen, as we talk about in the show, unless AZ grabbed two or three All Pro’s, this draft lives and dies with Rosen, fair or not.

Yet, we spent an ample amount of time talking about the first four picks and the discussing the theories behind the last two picks as we admittedly, had not seen much of either prospect.

There is plenty to enjoy, so sit back, relax and listen to the newest Rise Up, See Red podcast.

(2:18) Recapping the draft picks and moves

(7:31) Initial reactions to draft

(20:30) QB Josh Rosen, the pick and the trade, should he start in 2018

(40:57) WR Christian Kirk, Arizona’s second-round pick

(50:55) OL Mason Cole, Arizona’s third-round pick

(56:59) RB Chase Edmonds, Arizona’s fourth-round pick

(1:04:10) CB Christian Campbell, Arizona’s sixth-round pick

(1:09:16) OL Korey Cunningham, Arizona’s seventh-round pick

(1:15:01) Draft grades