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Arizona Cardinals release pair of quarterbacks heading into mini-camp season

The Arizona Cardinals have released two quarterbacks heading into mini-camp

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals revamped their quarterback room in the 2018 NFL offseason, to the point where now some are ranking it as one of the ten best in the NFL.

In order to do that, they not only needed a young quarterback of the future, but they needed to give pundits reassurance that if or when something happens to Sam Bradford, the name was not Mike Glennon that would be coming in to save the day.

Well, they also needed bodies, as their quarterback room had consisted of.... no one heading into this offseason.

They filled it before the draft with Bradford, Glennon as well as young players in Alek Torgersen and Brandon Doughty.

Well, with the drafting of Josh Rosen, as well as the signing of Chad Kanoff as a rookie free agent, they now have no need for Torgersen or Doughty, as the Cardinals announced they had released both today.

That means plenty of time and throws for both Rosen and the young Princeton grad in Kanoff, who will take the bulk of the work over the next three months as we creep towards the preseason.

Good luck to Torgersen and Doughty in their future quests to make NFL rosters.