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The Arizona Cardinals were never in on Josh Allen because of the price

With the Arizona Cardinals drafting Josh Rosen, the question has been, did they really want Josh Allen?

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

On draft night of 2018, the question was always, how would the Arizona Cardinals go about acquiring their quarterback of the future?

It was answered in a moderately priced trade up from 15 to 10 that netted the Arizona Cardinals Josh Rosen.

As is the standard, the leaks started early and often that the Arizona Cardinals had a deal in place to move up to five with the Denver Broncos to take “their number one quarterback” Josh Allen.

Well, Ben Allbright of the Denver Media seemed to debunk this quickly, stating that the Arizona Cardinals never had a deal in place, it was always the Buffalo Bills.

In fact, Allbright went even further and explained it out.

What has been known is that the Cardinals had made calls to see the cost to move up.

What was even more known is that Steve Keim didn’t want to pay what it would cost to move all the way up to five once he received the feedback.

Which meant his focus became finding a deal that would net the quarterback the Cardinals coveted while not giving up too much.

If the Cardinals loved, were devastated or any other overly strong words used to describe the Cardinals feelings on not getting Josh Allen, well they are being used for effect, not reality.

Did the Cardinals like Allen, yes.

Did Keim get a pint of Cherry Garcia, go sit in a corner and sob while watching the first half of the Idaho Famous Potato Bowl? No, he drafted the better player.

Allegedly, the one the Cardinals liked better.