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Despite leading NFL in sacks, Chandler Jones finds himself near bottom of top 10 pass rusher list

The Arizona Cardinals pass rusher is a little lower than he expected on the top 10 pass rusher list.

Arizona Cardinals v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With the NFL Draft come and gone you all now get to experience your least favorite part of the year…

NFL lists.

That’s right. The top ten pass rushers, top ten wide receivers, top five guards, top seven play callers, top three owners and top 32 fan bases.

Everything gets ranked and filed this time of year.

It started yesterday with NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest giving his top 10 pass rushers and the Arizona Cardinals Chandler Jones checking in a little later than most would expect:

7. Chandler Jones, Arizona Cardinals

No way I was going to leave Jones off this list after he led the league in sacks (17) in 2017. He enters his seventh NFL season as one of the more consistent pass rushers, but it almost goes unnoticed because of the Cardinals’ lack of success since he’s been there.

To which Jones responded:

We’re to a point where in analyzing the game, statistics and actual production has almost become underrated.

Instead we look at hurries, knockdowns, pass rushing efficiency to determine things like who is the best pass rusher over production.

Jones, since being drafted by the New England Patriots in 2012, ranks fourth in the NFL in sacks with 64.

Since being traded to the Arizona Cardinals, he has 28 sacks, more than anyone else in the NFL in that time.

The next closest is Ryan Kerrigan with 24 who didn’t even make the top 10.

So, I guess things could be worse.