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Austin Ramesh announces retirement from football

The Arizona Cardinals undrafted free agent fullback has decides to retire from football due to lingering concussion issues.

Utah State v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals will be adding a full back to their roster.

It will likely be newly signed Derrick Coleman, but many, myself included were very interested in undrafted free agent Austin Ramesh from Wisconsin.

Now, unfortunately for Ramesh he’ll be retiring from football as he left the Cardinals because of lingering concussion symptoms:

This is awful for Ramesh and something that everyone hates to see or hear.

As a father who has four boys, if/when they decide they are done with football, that’ll be their choice. Two play tackle already, one is starting this year and the youngest still has a couple of seasons of flag left, but I’ve always felt that football is one of the best sports for discipline and toughness. However, the health of kids and adults is by far more important than the game.

Hopefully, this will allow Ramesh to heal fully and recover from whatever lingering issues he’s had due to concussions.

Best of luck in whatever your next adventure in life is, Austin.