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Do the Arizona Cardinals win the Super Bowl in 2014 with a healthy Carson Palmer?

What if Carson Palmer had stayed healthy for the 2014 NFL season?

St Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Playing what-if is always a dangerous game, especially in sports.

What if Robert Sarver pays Joe Johnson?

What if Joe Johnson doesn’t break his face?

What if Antrel Rolle gets out of Larry Fitzgerald’s way after the Kurt Warner interception?

The biggest what if for the Arizona Cardinals though, at least to me, is what if Carson Palmer stays healthy in 2014?

Moreover, what if Drew Stanton stayed healthy in 2014?

Could the Arizona Cardinals, who were 6-0 in Carson Palmer starts, but a strong 5-3 in Drew Stanton starts, have been this seasons Philadelphia Eagles?

How much better would the Cardinals defensive had been with a healthy Palmer on offense entering the playoffs?

The problem with what ifs is simply, we have no way of knowing.

The other problem is, asking Carson Palmer or Drew Stanton to stay healthy for an entire season would be quite task.

No, instead we’ll add the 2014 Arizona Cardinals season to a long list of what if scenarios from Arizona sports lore.

Maybe one day, we can forget about all of those what ifs and just enjoy a Super Bowl win.