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Larry Fitzgerald’s excellence makes him 8 for 8 on NFL Top 100 Lists

The veteran wide receiver made the list again, this time coming in at number 27.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Spring Practice The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Whether you love or hate the yearly NFL 100, the consistency of Larry Fitzgerald for the Arizona Cardinals is something that cannot be dismissed.

Fitz is now 8 for 8 when it comes to the yearly lists as voted on by players within the NFL.

In 2011, coming off his 2010 season, Fitz was ranked 14th overall and was the #2 wide receiver in the rankings. Players that have since retired that were on the list:

Peyton Manning (2), Ray Lewis (4), Ed Reed (5), Troy Polamalu (6), Andre Johnson (7), DeMarcus Ware (12).

2012 brought another year with Fitz on the NFL Top 100, ranking 7th overall, again as the number two wide receiver behind Calvin Johnson this time.

2013 saw Fitz fall 15 spots, down to 22 and fell to the fourth highest rated wide receiver.

In 2014, coming off his age 30 season, Fitz fell to 38 and the 7th overall receiver on the list, but he was still among the top 40 players in the NFL.

2015 found Fitz at the lowest mark in his career on the NFL 100 list, 68 and the 14th wide receiver in the league. With an injured Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton in 2014, catching passes from Ryan Lindley, Fitz put up pedestrian numbers and failed to make the Pro Bowl for only the third time in his amazing career.

2016 saw Fitz jump all the way back into the top 30, at number 27 overal, and the sixth wide receiver on the list.

2017 saw Fitz back down slightly, to 45th overall and the 8th wide receiver.

Now, in 2018, Fitz is back up to 27, we will see how many wide receivers are in front of him, but he is likely going wide receiver seven, behind Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., DeAndre Hopkins and he is behind A.J. Green who came in at 22.

It is interesting to see Fitzgerald among wide receivers over the last eight years as he has finishes of:

2011 - 2
2012 - 2
2013 - 4
2014 - 7
2015 - 14
2016 - 6
2017 - 8

It will be unlikely to see Fitzgerald outside the top ten wide receivers in the NFL in 2018 as well, meaning that in every year of the NFL 100 except one, Larry Fitzgerald finished as a top ten receiver. Years 2014-2018, Fitzgerald has been over 30 years old.

What he does year in and year out may not make the data people happy, but there is not a single wide receiver who has been better or more consistent over the last eight seasons.