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Arizona Cardinals sign Greg Little

The Arizona Cardinals have added a veteran wide receiver who has not caught a pass in three seasons.

Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals continue to overhaul their 2018 roster.

Whether they are simply depth moves or giving chances to different players, the Cardinals and Steve Keim have been busy this offseason.

That trend will continue with the team signing Greg Little.

In a corresponding move, the team has released wide receiver Cobi Hamilton.

Little has been out of the league since 2016 and hasn’t played a snap since 2014. The 29-year-old was drafted back in 2011 in the second-round by the Browns. During his brief time in the league, he averaged 40 catches, 473 yards per season, and two touchdowns. He was never able to find the success he enjoyed his rookie season, which he posted 61 catches and 709 yards.

With the uncertainty at the position, it’s best the Cardinals add all the bodies they can to help answer some of the concerns they face.

Do you like this move? Do you believe he has a shot at the 53 or will he just be a camp body?

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