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Podcast and Radio Rounds with Revenge of the Birds

As the offseason slows down, the podcast spots pick up.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals OTA Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

With the offseason in full swing, there are different opportunities everyday to talk about the Arizona Cardinals.

As that happens we will keep you up to date so you can listen in to what we think, but also the questions other’s are asking about the Arizona Cardinals.

Over the summer so far, I have done a number of spots as well as Blake Murphy and Walter Mitchell as well.

Notably, I have been bad about publishing these.

So, you can find them here and we’ll try and keep you apprised of anything new that comes out as it does happen.

First one is Blake who had a little conversation with the guys over at Windy City Gridiron talking about what went wrong last year and the excitement of adding Josh Rosen:

Then, I had a short conversation with Lorin Cox of Locked on Bears about the David Johnson holdout as well as Josh Rosen, Sam Bradford and the changes coming on the defensive side of the ball.