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ESPN’s biggest roster decision for the Arizona Cardinals is who to start at quarterback

The media may think there is a question of who starts, but it seems like it will be Sam Bradford’s job.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals OTA Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

With the NFL season less than three months away, the questions on the most important roster decisions are already being asked.

For the Arizona Cardinals, the question was a simple one, will Josh Rosen be ready?

From ESPN Insider:

Right to Rosen?

We can get into the financial particulars of Sam Bradford’s deal this offseason, but the bottom line is that the Cardinals drafted Josh Rosen to start sooner rather than later. And while it would stand to reason that Bradford holds a spot atop the Cardinals’ quarterback depth chart, it’s far from a lock. The early returns on Rosen have been promising, though it’s hard to gauge progress when teams have not even put on pads yet. That being said, Rosen’s time is coming soon.

That’s going to be the most intriguing storyline for all non-Cardinals fans moving forward.

Sam Bradford doesn’t move the needle, he’s not a guy who inspires confidence, despite being a nice quarterback.

The biggest thing is that Bradford hasn’t been a guy who puts up monster numbers, he isn’t a guy who has lead his team to a lot of wins and he’s not a guy who you can count on to stay healthy.

Meanwhile, Rosen is an unknown, intriguing and new.

This is what entertains and drives NFL media outside of AZ and this is what will be the thing that keeps the Cardinals relevant until they start playing and winning games.

Even if it seems unlikely that Rosen wins the job.