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Maybe Tre Boston did not understand the safety market

Was Boston's offer fair to the market?

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There’s an interesting thought to add to a wonderful article Walter wrote yesterday.

I talked to two agents.

First, I want to say that neither represent Tre Boston, so this is not first hand information.

Second, both had something similar to say about the situation.

Tre Boston dubbed the Arizona Cardinals offer “very, very disrespectful”.

I wanted to understand what would be considered disrespectful.

What is disrespectful in terms of a contract offer?

So, this is not first hand information, I want to start by saying that.

I’m posting this as an idea of why Boston may be saying the Arizona Cardinals offer was disrespectful.

Both agents said that Boston’s asking price was $8+ million.

That… Is… Absurd.

I think Boston is a nice player.

However… $8+ million is an insane assumption on any safety in this market.

That begs the question, what was the Cardinals offer?

Both agents said the same thing, $3-5 million a season.

Now, I cannot get confirmation on that number, but being offended by $3 million when you expect $8 million makes sense to call an offer disrespectful.

Which again brings the question… Why bring that to the public?

It’s one thing if you’ve signed and make the statement of disrespectful, it’s a whole other thing to make that statement when you’ve not had another offer.

So… was Boston disrespected or was he just not ready to understand the market?