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If you could take one player from each NFC West rival, who would it be?

A little offseason fun for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As teams form their rosters to head into the training camp portion of the season you tend to look longingly at some of the depth charts from around the league.

Even within your own division you can have a little bit of “I want that player on my team” feeling.

So, if you could take one player from each NFC West team and move them to the Arizona Cardinals, who would they be?

The hard part is the NFC West doesn’t exactly boast elite talent where the Cards are weak.

And, with the additions of Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen, the usual pick of quarterback is gone.

It became much more difficult than I expected but in the end I decide a uniquely dominant defense was the best answer.

Los Angeles Rams: Aaron Donald, DT - Maybe the weakest spot on the Cards defense combined with the best player in the game? Gimme.

Seattle Seahawks: Bobby Wagner, ILB - No offense to Josh Bynes, but Wagner is an All Pro. That’s now a scary defense to face with Donald and Wagner up the middle and Jones and Peterson outside.

The hard decision was the 49ers pick. Their wide receiver don’t tempt me, outside of Doug Baldwin and Robert Woods none of the NFC West receivers tempt me.

I love the idea of Mike McGlinchey at RT or George Kittle at tight end, but the 49ers have a young dominant defensive lineman that I can’t pass up.

San Francisco 49ers: DeForest Buckner, DT - Again, the talent on the Cardinals defense now goes into unique and high end territory, especially along the front seven.

Who would be your three?