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Larry Fitzgerald record catch streak will never be broken for the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals Hall of Fame wide receiver will ever have his consecutive games with a catch streak broken.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

One of the calls of greatness is consistency.

Greatness is not a flash in the pan, or 2-3 good seasons followed by nothing, no greatness is about sustained success for the length of a career.

That is what defines Larry Fitzgerald’s greatness.

Over his career he has accumulated and surpassed a number of all-time records, but the one that stands out the most, the one that will never be broken, for my money, in Arizona Cardinals history will be Larry Fitzgerlad’s consecutive games with a catch streak.

Fitzgerald sits in a tie with Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez with 211 consecutive games with a catch.

It is an incredible and staggering number and one that I believe will stand the test of time within the organization.

The fact that Fitz has done this with the cavalcade of dreadful quarterbacks to go along with Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer makes the accomplishment even more staggering.

Could another wide receiver in Arizona have a catch in 211 straight games, and counting? Maybe, but to put that in perspective, a player would have to play 13 full NFL seasons to get to 208 games played.

That is only the start.

From there, they have to of course have a catch in each game, but they also have to make sure the catch occurs before an injury could knock them from a game and negate any streak.

They have to stay healthy enough to play 13 years in the league. Not just healthy, but productive enough to warrant playing 13 years in the league.

From there, they also have to stay with the Arizona Cardinals for 13 consecutive seasons.

All of that only gets a player to 2018 games. Meaning even after 13 consecutive healthy seasons you have to make it back for a 14th season, play in three games and catch a pass in each of them.

Or, you could have some minor injuries like Fitz nad make it through 14 seasons thus far and have the streak active.

Needless to say, I don’t think in Arizona we will ever see a streak like what Larry Fitzgerald is currently on.

Add it to the list of amazing accomplishments from #11.