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Arizona Cardinals 2018 Fantasy Football Value

The Arizona Cardinals usually offer some sort of Fantasy Value each season, but do they have anyone this year?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Most Fantasy Drafts are still two months away. If you’re like me, you like to run your Draft shortly after the third preseason game, so you’re not drafting a starting Wide Receiver who tears his ACL in the first quarter. While the time for the draft is months away, like any good GM you should still be doing some preliminary research.

There are a handful of Cardinals who could provide a good return on your draft investment.

Larry Fitzgerald:

The ageless wonder continues to prove everyone wrong, even Fantasy Experts. Last season, Fitzgerald’s average draft selection was round five. Usually dealt for those second tier starters, Fitzgerald has not had a higher ADP than the fifth round the last few seasons, yet he continues to perform above expectations. Last season saw him rank as the 9th best Fantasy receiver in standard leagues.

Again this season, most Fantasy analysts have Fitzgerald going anywhere between the fourth and fifth rounds, so you could be picking up a steal with Larry, as he expected to have more stability at Quarterback this season with both Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen headlining the room.

David Johnson:

After an electric 2016 campaign which saw the runningback as the 4th ranked Fantasy back, Johnson was selected in the top five picks of almost every Fantasy draft. His week one injury ruined a lot of seasons. However, again this season analysts expect him to go in the first round again, as he is at 100% going into Training Camp.

His stock should rise as we go through Preseason and Camp, once fans see if the team has truly improved the offensive line for him. Perhaps having a competent passing game will help Johnson out in 2018. If you’re not in the top-5 picks of your draft, don’t worry about picking him.

IDP Chandler Jones:

If you’re in an IDP league, there’s really only one option. The leagues reigning sack leader. Not only did he lead the league in sacks, he also lead the league in tackles for a loss. The likelihood of him repeating this feat is slim, but I wouldn’t rule it out.


Josh Rosen:

Rosen has been hyped up by pundits and his coach all offseason. Wilks claims Rosen will have an opportunity to start. But I don’t buy it. I would not use a draft pick on Rosen, but someone to keep an eye on while hes on the Waiver Wire, particularly with Sam Bradford’s health concerns.

Christian Kirk:

Worthy of a late round pick, whether or not he is the teams number two receiver moving forward. Uncertainty about Brice Butler and Chad Williams leave Kirk as a possible late round pickup.

Chase Edmonds:

Edmonds won’t offer a whole lot of offensive potential, at least this season. He will be utilized as a third down back and may make an appearance on Special Teams. He won’t be worth a selection barring injury.

Dark Horse Candidates:

Ricky Seals-Jones:

Seals-Jones has a lot of upside. He put that on display during his game against the Texans and Jaguars, racking up seven catches, 126 yards and three touchdowns in the two game span. With Jermaine Gresham injured and likely not starting, keep an eye on his value during camp.

Cardinals D/ST:

This one could garner a draft pick, but it will be something to keep an eye on. Their transition to a 4-3 base defense could cause some learning pains, and since it is tied to the Special Teams unit, something to again be concerned about. This will be dependent on whether or not the special teams unit improves under Wilks.

IDP Markus Golden:

Golden was a double digit sack player in 2016. Expectations were high in 2017. Prior to his injury, Golden still had not recorded a sack. He may not be available to start camp, but he will be ready to go by the time the season rolls around.

Is there someone excluded from this list you would add? Or someone on here you have your doubts about? Discuss in the comments below.

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