5 Reasons Josh Rosen Starts WEEK 1

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

#5 Bradford is a short timer. There is one undeniable truth that we can all agree upon and that is unless some unforeseen circumstance bites the Cardinal's QB room, Sam Bradford will not be here next year. Sammy sleeves is a pretty good QB and I truly believe had he remained with either the Eagles or Vikings we would have witnessed the very best of Sammy. You only have to look at his stellar week 1 performance last year versus the Saints as evidence.

The Cardinals are in transition with new coaches, a new offense, a new defense and a fair number of new players none more important than the QB. Bradford struggled with the Rams under Fisher which is understandable. However, on much better Eagles and Vikings teams Bradford also struggled due to a natural learning curve. If the Cardinals are going to have a mulligan 8-8 or worse season why waste it on a 1-year guy? Lay the foundation with the quarterback of the future.

#4 The single greatest commodity in football is a rookie QB contract. The clock began ticking the day the Cards drafted Josh Rosen. Championship windows are small in the NFL. Unless you are the dark lord Beelzechick, most teams are working with a 2-3 year window to try and win a championship. Some have advocated red shirting Rosen and allowing him to go through his growing pains in year two. Why? There are only five years of a rookie contract and the most NFL ready QB in a decade will be red shirting? You will have not only wasted the first season but the second season as well because of the delayed learning curve.

#3 Rosen is the most NFL ready QB in the last decade. Rosen's footwork, mechanics, touch and accuracy are better than a good number of NFL veteran QBs. His ability to learn the playbook, read defenses and work from under center is light years ahead of his peers. What Rosen lacks are reps with the first-string offense and game time experience. No amount of holding a clipboard will provide Rosen with the needed muscle memory to survive in the NFL. There are only a limited amount of practice reps and just 16 games guaranteed from which a rookie QB can sponge from. The sooner Rosen gels with the first unit the better it becomes for the entire team. The Cards could hit the ground running in 2019 versus hitting the ground running in 2020.

#2 Delaying Rosen for Bradford is a waste of valuable resources. Another wasted year of Fitz. Another wasted year of Pat P and Chandler in their prime. Another wasted year of Humphrie's knees, Pugh's back, and more miles on David Johnson. Attrition, age, injuries and free agency are all working against the Cardinals. Windows are small in the NFL so why not invest the very best resources on the 15-year guy and start the future sooner rather than later.

#1 The number 1 reason to start Rosen over Bradford is because it’s just smart business sense. Are the Cards even making a Bradford jersey? I bet Rosen jerseys will be a hot seller. From a marketing and national perspective Rosen is pure gold. Rosen is outspoken, confident, cocky and much like BA does not mince his words. Bradford's stoic and controlled demeanor is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. At the end of the day coaches coach, general managers manage and owners make BILLIONS. Rosen will increase tv ratings, put more people in the stadium and sell much more gear. Rosen is good for the Cardinals and good for the NFL and it is why I ultimately believe he will start Week 1.

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