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RotB Afternoon Debate: Top 5 Offensive Lines heading into 2018

Who are the top five offensive line units in the NFL heading into 2018?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As we finish up the offense, sorry no fullback rankings, there seems to be a pretty good consensus on the top five quarterbacksin the NFL heading into 2018, the top five running backs heading into 2018 and the top five wide receivers heading into 2018. Unfortunately, no one cared too much about the tight end rankings.

Now, the the offensive line units of the NFL, which could lead to a hearty and fun debate.

Keep it clean, have some fun and embrace the debate, but try and steer away of personal attacks and belittling others opinions. Unless you disagree with me, in which case go ahead and be mean. (I’m kidding)

It’s an easy question with not an easy answer.

List your top five offensive line units in the NFL, order doesn’t matter, right now.

Not for the future, not for the last five years, but going into 2018, who would be the first five offensive lines off the board if you had to win to make sure your team got to play another season in 2019. Also, this is a group, five players, so make sure you know the weakest links.

My five:

  1. Dallas Cowboys - Still the best, even though last season saw some cracks.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles - Incredible run through the playoffs and Super Bowl, giving Nick Foles and the Eagles offense plenty of room to work.
  3. Los Angeles Rams - Everyone went gaga over Sean McVay, Jared Goff and Todd Gurley, but the turnaround came when the offensive line turned into one of the best groups in the league.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars - One of the most physical offensive lines in the NFL gets the gem of the 2018 NFL free agency class in Andrew Norwell... My goodness.
  5. New Orleans Saints - Fantastic group that every year seems to find a way to get better and better.

Who you got.